Dear friends,

It is with regret that we announce the dissolution of Exposure. The administration of the festival has proven to be too unwieldy and the resources too few and so we have decided to retire gracefully rather than suffer a protracted decline.

We want to thank our founders, particularly Michael Phair, former board members, volunteers, community partners, sponsors, and general supporters for making Exposure as successful and exciting as it was. Without you, Exposure would not have existed.

The last 5 years have been a an absolute whirlwind; some of Edmonton’s best and brightest queer citizens came together and made an unforgettable festival which makes this announcement all the more poignant. However, nothing lasts forever and we hope that our closing will inspire new energy and momentum in the community. We are confident that Edmonton is a fertile place for the emergence of new queer arts and cultural forms and so hope that individuals who were involved with Exposure in the past as participants or volunteers continue to get involved with the wide array of exciting groups and projects happening in Edmonton as their energy continues to be an invaluable resource in our queer community.

Our remaining assets will be donated to the Pride Centre of Edmonton.

With much respect,